How is meditation helping us

People practiced meditation for thousands of years, but recently, with this massive awakening happening on the planet, meditation becomes more and more integrated into our lives. Companies are starting sponsoring meditation events, and providing meditation for their employees, due to the scientific proof that the relaxation is beneficial for productivity. Meditation has been introduced to western countries as a way to relax and eventually heal your body. But that is just a side effect. What is happening when we meditate? Imagine that you are trying to listen to a radio station but it is a lot of interference, and the signal comes and goes. You hear pieces and sometimes cannot even understand what is all about. You wished there was a way to shut down all other noises and listen to your station. This analogy will make you understand what meditation is. All your thoughts, talking, distractions are noises that perturbates your favorite channel, which is your connection with the divine, with light or universal wisdom. Once we shut down all these distractions, we are able to connect and receive the information, receive the God’s energy. Information that we receive could come in different forms, like ideas, images, inspiration or feelings, always without the help of thinking. This is the time when we listen to God, and when that is happening, we become inspired, we become fulfilled with a sense of magnificent purpose, we realize we are all one and your suffering is my suffering. Compassion takes place without being instructed to do so. The urge of sharing information and helping people is also a consequence of that connection. Overall we become happy from the inside and content with ourselves. Meditation is helping us to maintain and recognize our connection with the divine energy, with God.