Pawns of the world

Life is like a chess game, a little different though. Imagine you incarnate first here on earth and you are a pawn, that is the first. On the chess table is a special coordination, just for you, which is the awakening spot. That is your goal, to get there. Of course, as a pawn, that specific point cannot be met, and the first life is only an adjustment. What do we do in the first life? We suppose to enjoy and go straight to the finish line. There are so many pieces on the table and we should be the way that we started, pure and full of love.

At some point, on the cross next to you is another chess piece. We acknowledge it and move forward. We have also the option to attack and take that one away, and in most cases, we do that. That is translated to killing or grabbing a person and caring it with us against that person’s will. That is when we created karma for the first time. Our ego tells us that we are doing so great that we attack again and concur another one and then more karma is created. By the time that we are arriving at the finish line we are accumulated so much karma that we have no choice but coming back as a pawn. And we try again and again and the sweet spot of the awakening move so far away, that we do not even know what we are doing here on this huge chess board.

At some point, we begin to realize that the more karma we accumulate, the more lives we must go through to clear it. Once that is becoming known and we start clearing our own mess we advanced and we can see the awakening spot again.

Now, we come back with a little bit more of an advantage. We are on the chess table a horse or a bishop. We are more flexible now and we can move faster through life to achieve the awakening.

Being more powerful, we can concur many other pieces as pawns for example. We are more aware but some of us still doing that mistake again and grab as many pieces as they can. And again, more karma gets into us. We proudly pass the finish line (that is what the ego is saying) and then we realize that we did so bad that will be back as a pawn. Many lives will pass by for us to fully understand our purpose, to evolve spiritually and get to the awakening spot.

We go back and back as bishops, towers, kings, and queens and with that, more responsibilities are coming. After an eternity of trying, we get to the awakening spot. I call it the Chess Joker because when you go there something miraculous is happening. You are any longer one type of chess piece. You are every single one of them and all of them at the same time. You are like a Joker in the cards game. But you are becoming, even more, you are now able to go as you wish on the chess board but you can go up as well. You see so clearly the chess board from above and you are asking yourself. How come I was so bad at this game? It is so clear and easy. You see the starting line, you see the end line and you are remembering who you are. You did not have to concur, you had to help and be gentle. Now is so clear, so easy.

What do you do next? You start going in different planes and try to tell others what you remembered, that the goal is not to capture as many pieces but to help them to get to the awakening spot, to love and help them.

Some of them are listening but most of them do not understand and do not want to understand. They really are enjoying the game that their mind is playing on them and even telling you that you are crazy, that is only one plane, the chess board.

You must be gentle with them, as they are you. We have been like that and others told you how the game must be played, but you ignored them. There were so many masters like Jesus, Buddha for example and we refused to listen to them.

But that is all right. We all will find our great spot sooner or later. Time has no importance in this game. Once we will get there we all will move to a different plane much higher and the chess board will be just history, just a small part of our spiritual evolution.