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Why I should not judge

We, humans, got to the point we cannot live without judging. We like to judge anything, from an innocent flower to our neighbors, friends or family.
Why do we like it so much? We cannot even enjoy a sunset without saying: “What a beautiful sunset!”. We know is beautiful, why do we have to tell ourselves that?
The problem is that once we get into the habit of judging, we start our self-destruction process because judging others is like judging ourselves, we feel that, but we don’t let go.
As kids, we didn’t judge anyone no matter how he or she was because we were seeing us in them. Later we start the separation and believed that we are not them. We are better or worse than others, even, in fact, we are all the same, we are the spark of light coming into being. Just our experiences are different, but that does not mean we are different. Yes, we have a unique signature, but the source is the same.
Once we unlearn the “Judging lesson” we become free. Freedom is nothing but the forgiveness of ourselves, then we do not hold to anything that can involve our ego.

Even Jesus said, “I am not here to judge”, why we would think we have gotten this “right”? When we judge directly or indirectly talking about someone, for example, we implicitly decide that we are better or worse than that person, so we are actually judging ourselves through comparison. We do nothing but bring a bad vibe upon us. Basically to not judge is a great lesson of letting go, to accept anyone and everything the way they are, and this lesson once is learned, will help us to get to the next level.

Now, once a lesson is learned we have to remember it. Once we forget we have to go back and learn it again. This is like school when you learn basics. You cannot say I know basics I get to the next grade and then I can forget what I learned. Basics keep us on the level and once you forget you will not be able to solve more complicated problems. Our life here, on the physical plane, is just a similarity that is done for our understanding. We just have to see it that way.

Next time when our ego will push to judge, remember the lesson, that is all.