Our belief system

We have been born with an implemented belief system, that is passed from generation to generation. Similar with the genetic code scientist are trying to figure out, which is, however, the same thing. In previous lives, we have different kind of experiences, which translated in specific beliefs. All of those and others are being accumulated from current life, and many of them are not even coming from us. We have been told what is good what is bad, what religion is the best, what is a perfect man within society, what is the perfect body and much more.

And what do we do? We take these and create a very elaborate strategy of how we live our life.

It is very easy, because we do not have to create anything, not saying creating is hard, but we just got lazy.

How do we overcome this? Is very simple! Start questioning everything and everyone including me, the author of this article), and do not expect any answers from others but from yourself, from the source because the source is within.

We must unlearn everything that was imprinted in ourselves. And when I am saying about unlearning, I am not talking about forgetting, I am talking about the unlearning process, which is a reverse process of learning. that makes us return to the starting point. Once that is achieved, with no preconception we start asking and answer our own questions, we are starting the creation process. Doing that we are coming to realize there is no limitation, we can achieve anything we plan, in the material or spiritual word. When we remember that we are a manifestation of God, we know that we are unlimited, the limitation is just imposed upon us from ourselves and others.

How many times did you hear “You cannot do that” from others? And later, you did what they thought was impossible? If you wouldn’t question, you will do nothing but limiting yourself, limiting your own creation. Be creative, be powerful, be mighty, listen and trust to your true self.