Is there a hell?

Some of the religions are telling us that we may go to hell, or purgatory if we do not follow the teaching. That God will punish us and throw us in a big bowl of hot oil or something like that. Is that so?

Should we be scared that we are not good enough for Heaven?

The thing is that God does not want to scare us in any way unless He plays tricks on us of course, but that is less likely to happen.

Would we want to punish our kids forever, for whatever reason?

As a loving parent, we forgive and teach our kids the good way in life, and never punish them for the rest of their life, or eternity if they make a mistake. As a matter of fact, we should not punish our kids not even for a day, an hour or a minute.

The point is that God is loving us, his children so much and we love him. Why would he create hell? He wants us with him, not away from him. There is no hell, and will never be. Of course, we can believe there is one and then we create one.

We make many mistakes and if we are not able to forgive ourselves, then we create the hell. And we create that here on Earth and in the afterlife. That is the hell, there is no other. Have we ever thought why some people are living in happiness and some in misery? Same conditions, same jobs, same houses and still some chooses one and some chooses the other. We created that reality. We know it, we feel it right here on earth.

Then we may ask, I can do anything here and I will not be punished? Yes and no. There will be no punishment but the one applying by our true self. We are part of God, part of the light and as soon we leave this body, we will start analyzing our doings, and sometimes we will punish ourselves so bad that we will not go back to the light and we will create our own hell. Because we are light and we will not accept all the dark things we were doing in the life that we just left.

In some other cases, we will come back to another life and be on the other side of the stick and experience the same that we did to others in previous life. We will have to understand and undo our doings, we must have only love, compassion and forgiveness because that defines us and that will save us.