How do I get my stories?

Hello, my dear soul. You may be reading articles from this blog and you may like them or not. That is OK with me. But, we may ask, where are these stories coming from? Are they true? What I can tell you is one true thing. We all have communication with God. As a result, we start doing amazing things, things that we have never imagined before.

To me, one of the results was this blog. I knew why God instructed me to learn computers first. I got knowledge how to program all these websites, so I can share His ideas over the web. My information is coming from God, I get almost every morning, thoughts and ideas which initially I lost since I didn’t put them on paper. I called them “Morning updates”.

As Donald Walsh mentioned in his book “Conversations with God”, could be this my imagination? Yes, but is no difference. Imagination is God speaking through us. When you stop talking to others and to ourselves, we start hearing God, within so many forms. And that my fellow soul, is the most beautiful of all. Some of us started painting, others writing or singing. There is an infinite way to manifest the infinite and we will never stop to do so. Look around you, read books, listen to beautiful music enjoy life one of the best creation of God. This experience is unique and we have to do everything to embrace it because that is why we are here.

Talking about the truth. Are my stories true? Yes, they are, if you want them to be. As I said before, we live within our own creation. If those stories do not resonate with you, that is OK, move to a different story, a story that makes you happy, your story.