Spread the word

Spread the light around you and that will help people more than you imagine.

I was unpleasantly surprised to see people are so ignorant. They don’t know and don’t want to know about the true selves, about the Higher Self, about God. But I couldn’t be upset since we are all one, I was there you have been there too.

I was having lunch with lots of people and I was giving them a speech for more than an hour, talking about God, Higher Self and ultimately about Love because that is all that is. It was not planned at all, I can say.
Out of all of them, I would say fifty percent looked at me like I was escaping from the psychiatric hospital, thirty percent of them said that is interesting but they do not believe that it was more like sci-fi, and only twenty percent have shown real interest.

People may think we are crazy, but that does not matter. If twenty percent can be awakened I am still happy because the avalanche effect will take place then. We cannot awake all the people on Earth but we can try, and what one cannot do, many can.

Please spread the word, do not wait for people to come to you only, but talk among friends and family. Some of your friends will never talk to you again, but that is OK. Their path is not set yet.

The family will start talking about you, wondering, but that is OK too. When their time will come, they will understand. There are so many possibilities we must explore, let’s choose the best one, or at least try, let’s spread the word and make people understand. Even for them are many possibilities, and maybe there is one that you suppose to interfere, to awake.

I have been told by my Higher Self that we must make people understand the being of light, which is Earth, so we can evolve with it when the time will come. Let’s do that. Let’s awake people!

Is no reason for us to be afraid of that. Where is love is no fear, because fear is just absence of love.

Another way of spreading the love, if you feel that talking to people does not resonate with you, is to do that to yourself. Remember who you are, and your amazing energy will spread without words.
And that could be even better, like a great light illuminating the darkness of the night.