In the spiritual world, when you hear the word “Creation” immediately you are going to God and all creations especially Earth because we live here on Earth.
And there is creation within creation within unlimited levels. We get understanding from it and knowledge as well. We are also creators on a different level, and within the process, we gain understanding while we do create and build.
Let’s get for example a house. We want to build a house. So how is it done? And here I am talking the right way. We start with the architecture of the house, the blueprint. We put everything on the paper or in the computer, and then we imagine how the house is going to be or even better the computer will do it for us. At this point, our house does not exist physically, but the blueprint is there, so at some level the house is created. Once the plan is completed, we procure all materials and ask the right qualified people to build the house. Of course, there is more planning, but these are initial steps.
Is the house made yet in physical plane? No, it is not, but our creation took place, we see the house in our mind. We have the thought that created it, and that put us in motion to finish with the plan. So, creation is happening already before we can see it and feel it in 3D. That is the master creation that God did for us. It was starting in a spiritual plane and materialized in the physical plane. We have that power; it is up to us what to create from thought to three dimensional or emotional or any other dimensions available to us.