Is money evil?

Many times we hear that money are evil. And I have to say I believed that myself at some point until I realized that none of the tools are evil. Money is a tool like many others here on Earth that we people invented.
But it was our choice of experience that involved the dualism, this fantastic concept that makes us understand so many things.
Money as a tool does not make an exception. They can be used for good or evil purposes. It is us deciding how we intend to use it.
It is true, at this time money become a tool of power that controls us, controls our desires, but only because we allow that.
Money is an exchange tool that trades our energy for other things. We are working, and in return we get money, and that is good. When other people are starting to steal our money, they become vampires sucking out energy out of us. And there are many ways to steal, not just physical, but using all these financial tricks. Our energy is being used by others, but since that money have our signature on it, it will become not beneficial for the stealers. The consequences will be that they are not satisfied and they will try to invent other tools that could be used as evil hoping it will bring them happiness and peace.
The bottom line is that as long we allow that to happen it will happen. We have to understand that most of the desires, the thing that we think we need are useless. We can do that; it is up to us and no one to blame.

There are so many things we don’t require, and still, we are buying them. We became the slave of our own desires.


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