My purpose

What is my purpose? That is the oldest question that was ever asked. And that is because our beings cannot be detached from what we are. The purpose in life is to do same what God is doing; we are His children. And that is to give, help and love without expecting anything in return. We will be provided with anything we need if we do that. The more our ego is stopping us from doing so, the more our purpose will be less reachable.
We all have the same purpose, and when I mean all, I mean everyone. Our goal is to evolve. But carefully, do not think about physical evolution. That is just a side effect of the real growth. To grow, we must become again one. We must stop judging one another and help and love each other as we do love and support ourselves.
Ask yourself the question. If I will have an ability, a supernatural power what would that be? But think wise, not smart. Don’t say, listening to your ego, I want to make as much money as I want, or I want to have the genie power to grant any wish. In other words, do not use your mind to ask the question but use your heart.
Then you will come with the real ability that you have. I want to heal people, I want to make people happy, I want to unite people, etc. Once you get your answer, you will know how and what to do to fulfill your purpose. That would be your talent that you have brought here on Earth when you have chosen to come. Use it wisely, and your purpose will be fulfilled.