Are we conscious?

Our mind never stops working, not even when we sit peacefully on a bench in a park. Can we say that we are conscious since the brain is restless?

I would call it unconsciousness. When thoughts are continuously coming, most of them are useless egocentric actions. If we can stop those thoughts, then we will become aware, conscious. We will realize we are the slave of our mind. We should try to meditate, contemplate, stay more in nature and that will help tremendously with our levels of awareness.

We are enlightened beings. We are just made to believe we are not and we have to do something special for that. Meditation and other ancient tools like Tai Chi or Chi Kong are tools to confirm that, to make us see it sooner than later.

One thing about enlightenment is that is nothing supra-natural. Being enlightened is a state of our being. We must allow it to happen and have no expectations. It will come to us naturally when we practice acceptance, allowance, forgiveness in one-word love.

There are many levels we must achieve when we are starting the awareness process, but we have not to be worried. This process of recognition is irreversible and time has no relevance. We will go where all masters were going back to the pure awareness and love state of consciousness.

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