Am I a messenger?

We all are messengers; we must deliver the message of God. That was our contract before joining the club, the earthly adventure. Now, did we spread the word? How did we do?
Imagine you are a kid, coming from a school and you have to do your homework. You ask mommy. “Can I go play with the kids for a while? I will do the homework later. Mommy was very nice, and she said yes.
You play for a long time; it is so much fun to play game after game. It is so much to experience and enjoy. You come home late, and you are so tired that you skip the homework, go directly to bed.
The next day the story repeats, and you have little time for your homework, you are doing it in a rush, but you know is not right. You think; “I will do better tomorrow.”. Day after day you keep playing and have fun, and suddenly you are a grownup man. Now you have to take care of yourself but is not much that you can do. It is so hard, you are lost, and you start thinking; “Why I didn’t do my homework? That will help me so much now to have a good job, and everything will be so easy.”
That story is our story. We are here, playing and having fun and we forgot to do the homework, to deliver the message, the message that God gave us to carry: love, compassion, forgiveness.
We have postponed it for so long that it is hard to remember now what was it. We wake up ourselves asking; What is my purpose? It will be so easy if we recall the message. But it is OK; God sends us angels, masters or pure light to help, to remind us, to awake us. He is reminding us that we are not alone every single moment and is not too late to deliver the message.
Some of us will use words to deliver, others music, others have planned to get into action helping others. There are infinite ways of delivering, only that we have not to give up. What is your approach? Deliver the message you came here for. Otherwise, your mission will be compromised, and your contract will expire.