Proof of God

Many times we are arguing about God’s existence. Some of us are so opposed that will become verbally violent in both directions, believers, and nonbelievers.

So how do we prove that God exists? We are the proof.

When we are building a machine, any machine, a car, a computer, an airplane we say we are intelligent. And we are right. None of those devices couldn’t work unless we put our cleverness into our creation. Those tools are actually the proof of our intelligence, and that denotes that we exist here as physical human beings. What is the evidence of God’s existence? We are! We are amazing machines and more than that. We couldn’t have been created without intelligence, and in this case, the word pales when we look at His end creation. Everything is the proof of God. The Earth, the Sun, the Universe. If we say there is no God at all, then we refuse to look around. We are close, and we do not want to open. As a matter of fact, we may have a problem with the word God. Some of us are saying, yes, there is a universal intelligence or power that created everything, and that is OK, it is still the same thing. Should we try to force onto us the existence of God? No, we will get there when we get there. Even we see miracles happen, we may say that was a trick or an illusion, and that is because we live in a dream. Once we open our eyes, we will stop asking that question, because it will be like asking if we need air.

Some of us may say if there is a God why so many bad things keep happening? With that question, we actually confirm that God exists. We are just in doubt he is a good God. And that is a different topic altogether. Is mostly related to our choice of dualism word and the free will everyone is talking about, to choose between good or bad, black and white, etc.

If we really believe in God’s existence, we shouldn’t argue with nonbelievers because that will bring us to a lower level, the level of doubt.

As Jesus said “You too can Become Like Me” and that is just a matter of time if we allow it. We will get there when we get there.