The voice of God

Somebody told me recently that these are not my stories, and that I am just repeating what I heard. Yes, I am repeating, but I am not a parrot. God is infinite, and He has countless ways to tell us the same story, again and again, the story of us. We are His voices, and everyone’s signature is unique so stories will have tons of flavors.

He told that story to our masters, and yes they were repeating it too, and we will hear the same story until we will get it. Sooner or later everyone will get there becasue is no other way and we are not to meet a sad ending, it is only us evolving and go back to Source, to God.

I have to accept that when I said “my stories” I made a mistake because they are our stories. When I put the word “my” I was accidentally letting my ego to talk, and I saw that right away, a little late though.

We are one, and we are the ones writing and telling stories, sending the message, and yes we are saying the same thing over again because this is the human nature. We learn and acknowledge through repetition. Also as humans, we are programmed to forget, and that is another reason we have to be told again. We forgot who we are, we forgot what our purpose is, we forgot to be happy and live our lives, and then God comes back to us and reminds us all of that.

Since we are here for some time, we created habits, and one of them is to not listen. Even the story comes in infinite versions and from an endless number of voices we are still so stubborn that we do not just ignore it, but we are rejecting it.

We are so many things but one overall, we are the Sons of God, and that is extremely hard to forget or reject.