What is imagination?

Some of us can tell great stories, but some will have to read a book to the kids. They cannot produce any story from their imagination. But what is imagination? The answer can vary, especially when we ask scientists. Scientific explanation: Chemical reactions in the brain that create the ability to generate ideas, images, concepts. The thing is us, as the scientists are bubbling. We have very little knowledge of the brain and what exactly is happening. That is because we are trying to explain everything based on matter. Everything to us become matter, action and reactions, exchange of energy and so on.

But what is imagination after all and why we can have more or less of that? The answer is straightforward, everything that is called imagination is coming from an outside source. Imagine the computer, which is the best we can come with mimicking ourselves. The machine has a brain, which we called it CPU, it has a short time memory which we called RAM and long time memory which is the hard-drive. The video card and monitor can be considered vision. Now we have lots of images on the hard drive, long time memory from our vacations ten or twenty years ago, family pictures, etc. and on short time memory, we have everything recent, since the computer was on, like programs, images functionalities that run currently. So where is the imagination? Can we generate an image with the Eiffel Tower in Paris if that picture is not on short or long time memory? No, we cannot. And then if you have a connection we can search the internet and show it on the screen. That is the Source for our computer, and that is the imagination of the computer. In the same way, if we can access a different source we can download in our sophisticated brain other images, events, places that we have not seen in our current life. Also, we can access our hard-drive and get images from the past which can be from this life or a past life. Why we have more imagination than others? We do because either we have more lives or we can maintain a connection with the source which has any event or information from past, present or future. Even better like we have on the internet a high-speed connection and not dial-up, everything will come faster to us.

How can we have this connection? Do we have to be chosen for that to happen? No, everyone can connect with the source, because we are built that way. We just have the willingness for that to happen. How do we have the connection faster? With practice, we can make it as fast as the light speed and even more, instantaneously, through meditation, contemplation or other ancient tools like Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga, etc.

There is no surprise that with practice, in meditation, for example, we start seeing images and people we have never seen before or at least we have no recollection, and that is because we (re)connect with the source.

The thing is that with our current lifestyle, with the way the society is pushing things to us, society is also us, we lose the connection, and we believe we are alone, isolated beings, and then the EGO takes over.

The great thing is that more and more people are starting questioning our way of life and the awakening, which is a continuously maintained connection, is happening.

Let’s stay connected and only great things will come and stay with us.