The Sixth Sense

Many of us were learning about a blind cave fish called Mexican Tetra. This fish as the name suggested is without vision. In time because it might be living in the dark for so long, it would be no reason to have developed eyes. They were not needed in that context. We could see the eyes, but they looked more like scars. That does not mean light does not exist, but for them, there is no light.

Isn’t that true for us, people? We are talking here about God, the spiritual Light within. We were living in the dark for so long that this sense has been considered as not needed. That does not mean Light does not exist.

Let’s imagine a blind man, born blind. He does not know light, but people are trying to explain to him how is everything looking like and how beautiful it is. The blind man can try to imagine, but also, he believes the people. They see the light even he cannot see it.

Now let’s say there is a community of people, and most of them are blind. Only few could see, and they are telling beautiful stories of how the Sun is looking like, how green the trees are or how is the white snow on the mountains. Are blind men believing them? Should they? Most of them are blind, and those who are not, are not normal to them. Could they be crazy?

That story is as authentic as it gets. We are here in the same situation. We are telling people about the Light, about God but others instead of trying to understand they choose to be non-believers and categorize us as crazy, or not normal because majority dictates the normality.

Why is that? Because the science is telling us, we have only five senses, and whatever they can provide for us is the reality. Everything else is not real, it is imagination or craziness.

How about we have more than five senses? That cannot be because science says so and there is no proof. That would be same for all the blind men within the community we are talking about. They shouldn’t believe because the few are just crazy and have tons of imagination. To the blind, there is no proof. But the few know it is true because they have the Sixth Sense, the sense of God recognition, the vision of Light. The Sixth Sense is available to all of us if we believe in it and try to understand and follow it instead of rejecting it.