Mind is not organic

What is mind? When am I thinking what is happening? Scientists are talking about electrical signals going back and forth through a strange structure called the brain. It is looking more like a computer than organic matter. Then, in the same way, can we get a virus as the computers do? Yes, we can, very quickly through words. Words can be structured to become a virus. It is called a lie. Lies can be very well considered viruses because their mechanism acts in the same way: multiply and move from one host to another. And as the mind is so powerful we can be inoculated with the virus called lie or we can create one ourselves.

What happened when we lie? We create a program that has been injected into our system but is not like our regular programs. We are not programmed to lie. Than we propagate that lie, the virus to others and as long as they believe the lie the virus is accepted. This is the mechanism that creates so-called wrong and evil in the world. Everything starts with gossips and lies, and even we don’t realize we are being affected. A lie into the system is always creating secondary effects no matter what we think. The true-self does not accept lies and becomes unhappy; we are becoming unhappy. Like any virus at any point in time, we can get rid of it, we can stop lying, and all old lies will die out. Most of the time we try to trick the mechanism. We say that we do not lie, but we play politics for example, and it is our position in society that forces us to do so. That is nothing but another lie. We cannot treat a virus with another virus, or even if we do that the last virus is becoming stronger and still infects our system.

Stay true to yourself and others, and the truth will give happiness a boost.