I was here first!

So many times we hear this on a daily basis. At the subway, in a store, at the elevator everywhere. I was here first, so it is my right to get it before you. That is the rule that we all know, that we are learning so fast within the society. And nobody complains about it. Old people, sick people, kids, we all know that is the rule, and we agree to it. Well, we have to disagree because this is one big selfish rule. We have to look to others like looking into a mirror. What if I would be in their shoes? What if I would be the sick one and have to respect this great rule? What if I am pregnant and I cannot even stand? If we do that, we will realize that this rule does not respect the common sense. It is not a complicated algorithm to decide if the rule stands. Can we do something about it? Yes, we do. We have to break this rule at all times when we fill it deserves to be dismissed. We always have to put ourselves in the shoes of the others, and then we will see that rule is not needed. All of us should apply the common sense rule. Can we force the others to listen to us? Most likely not and that will defeat the purpose. But what we can do is to start that with ourselves. The others will follow when they will see we are with them; we are them. If we look at an old man, much older than us who stands in line, we will realize that he was here much longer before us. When we look at an innocent baby you will see that being first is only making it worse and we will step aside.

Next time when we say “I was here first” we should look at the others, and we will be ashamed.




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