What should we do with our lives?

At any point in our lives, we are wondering what should we do with our lives or the rest of our lives. How many years are we spending wondering?
We spend most of the time doing that and is partially our wrong and somewhat the society. If we want to explain for how many years we’ve searched, most of us will give away their age. We are not using our potential, and most of the time we are going in a wrong direction. We are looking to make more money, to change jobs, to get promoted, to get a better house, a better anything and we lose the communication with our true-self. What we need is nothing from what we are made to believe we desire. It is more of an illusion that grows bolder and bolder. We have to put a stop to that and come back to us, bring inner peace and inner happiness.
We have to awake from this broken dream, from this reality or whatever we want to call it. We are under a spell, or we can say under black magic, we are hypnotized to watch the terrible news on TV, to fight for “what is mine,” to cheer and get crazy when our team in any of the sports is winning. But is it our team? If we were born in New York City, that means that is our heritage? Is it not strange that we can fight over a football team, or over a political party? It is like this is a continuous puppet show, and we are the puppets.
We hear the same story over and over in movies or reading books, that we have to wake up, and we all agree with that, but then a new day is starting, and we forget our agreement.
And after all, we keep asking the same question again and again: what should we do with our lives? If we are serious about this question and we want to find the answers we have to cut the strings and awake. Awake to find yourself and with that to remember God.
Please do so, and next year when someone will ask how many years have you spent wondering, the answer will be your age minus one.