Who is mister Ego?

If we are looking for the definition of “ego,” we will find the following: a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. It looks pretty clear and self-explanatory. What is the origin of this word? It is coming from Latin, ego means “I.”

Now let’s go deeper and look at the manifestation of mister “Ego, ” and we will recognize ourselves: I deserve this, I am superior, I am better and so much more. Basically most of the time when we use the “I” or “mine” or “me” it is no us talking, but the ego, trying to make us more important than others. Same is happening when we refer to “you,” or “yours.” We use to say: It is your fault, you did that, or you are not good enough. Basically, our ego is pushing us to prove that we are the center of the universe and no one is better than us. Unfortunately in our society ego is not just present but is needed. When we compete for a job, for example, the one with a more significant ego will win. When we go for an interview, we have to be ego-passionate, and that is very sad.

But how did mister ego became so prominent? At what point in time we were starting to be egocentric? That was happening when we lost our identity. We forgot that we are “we” and we are in this together. This realization is coming with a change of character. Mister ego becomes obsolete and instead of being the master is the servant. This part of the mind that makes us believe that we are superior and spiritually isolated will be removed and not by force but by self-realization. The feeling of oneness will strive, and we will come back to our roots. We feel it, we know it. It is a grateful feeling to refer to us and not I or you, and not just for us, the speakers, but for the audience too. All of us we will feel the unity and we will come back to God and His divine creation which is us.