How was your day?

We may have a good day or a bad day. What would be the reason? Could be anything, from our rude neighbor in the morning to the car that almost crushed us while passing on a green light, or the fact I lost my wallet. Anything that creates discomfort makes our day miserable. Or a good day may be the result of a sweet night sleep and a beautiful weather in the morning and later during the day getting a lovely present from a friend. But that is the problem. We are basing our happiness on other people’s actions, things or events. I will be happy when I will go on vacation, or when I will have a drink with my friends. If we are depended on the environment to be satisfied, then we will never be happy because we cannot control people or events. But if we find our inner-peace, inner-happiness will be breaking out of this trend and will be content most of the time, or all the time. How do we do it? It is called “learning acceptance.” What we cannot change we gladly accept. For example, we cannot avoid death, the only way to live a happy life without the fear of death, is allowing it, and not like an end but a pass over on the other side. If I don’t like my job or the city I live in, I can move, that is something I can change if I cannot accept it as a great experience. Once we learn this simple principle, we will turn perception, and we will become happy.

Happiness is very easy to achieve once you stop looking for it. No one and nothing can give happiness but ourselves. When we remember who we are, we find that joy lives in us and is waiting for a little chat. Through meditation, reflection, contemplation or other available tools we can come to that realization.