Do aliens exist?

When we confront this question, we may think this could not be part of the spiritual knowledge. We go from sci-fi category to conspiration theory.

Let’s think a bit about the Earth model that was built for our existence and pleasure but also for our understanding. Here on Earth, we have a family a father a mother, and we have kids and brothers. What does it tell us? When we extrapolate to the galaxy or universe, we will find our bother and sister all over the Universe. Some of them are older and more aware, some of them are younger and less knowledgeable. We have to listen to ourselves and not to others. We have to find our own truth and stop looking to people of governments and institutions because they may have wrong information or they may be not with a good intention. Yes, we are being taught that we have to have proof and that is physical proof. If someone says that he or she is communicating with other species telepathically, we say they are crazy, because we assuming that aliens do not exist and that is our problem. Even if I would say tomorrow that I met an alien people would say that I am crazy or I saw an illusion. It is what they wanted, a physical proof but because of indoctrination, we believe we are alone in this vast creation of God. But if we think logical without any assumption is that possible that God build everything around just for us to watch the sky in the night with no purpose? That would be less like it. Please read Dolores Cannon’s book series “Convoluted Universe, ” and you will be amazed.