Let it out or let it go

Many of us cannot stay one day or even one minute without letting out our emotions in a massive amount. We do manifest them through many forms, but one low energy is being angry, yelling or becoming non-rational. Can we stop this behavior? Once we start thinking about it is the first sign that we can. However, if we keep everything in, we may be driven crazy. Imagine we can be insulted, ignored, not appreciated and we will say nothing about it. It is normal that we think this cannot be done and is not even healthy. And then what is to be done? How can live our life happy and keep up with the higher energy?

There is a different concept called “Let it go, ” and that is completely opposite to “Let it out.” Let me tell a story of two monks, one old and one young.

So, as I said, two monks were traveling together from one monastery to another. And some point on their way was a small stream they have to go over. When they arrived there, they saw a woman who was afraid to pass. To her, the stream looked too fast and she was worried will fall in. Kindly she asked for help. The older monk was willing to help, and he carried her on the other side. Then he left her there, and they continued their journey. After a couple of hours of traveling quietly, the younger monk who didn’t help the woman could not resist any longer, and he asked:

“Brother, you know that we don’t suppose to hold nor touch a woman.” The other monk replied: “I held that woman for few minutes, but you did it for two hours.”

Basically, that is the principle of “let go.” Once we attached to something, even a thought, we cannot function properly and in harmony with the universe. And then we have to “let out.” There are many good things and many bad things as part of our life experience. We have to accept and let go. Only then we can focus on raising our energy to a different level and breaking the behavior of letting out. That does not mean we do not have to show our emotions, but not to become attached to the outcome of those feelings.