Mother Earth

How do we define life? We keep talking if is life on other planets and that is the life the way we see it. In a previous article “What is Life?” we checked the definition of life from different angles. One aspect of the scientific explanation is a reproduction. We are trying to say that if there is no reproduction, there is no life. Based on that definition we are saying that planets, stars and everything that is part of the known universe, are not alive. Is that so? Let’s think about Mother Earth. Is she alive? Scientists are talking about the core of Earth being very hot, talking about the magnetic field of Earth that sends away the dangerous solar radiation and other movements of Earth, like volcanoes and creation of islands and land, water and other minerals in Earth’s body. Is this not life? Is not the core of Earth similar to our heart? And in fact, it is the other way around; we are like Earth. She is much more alive that we can imagine. But still, we say that is a just a rock, and there are some anomalies that we don’t want, or we cannot explain.

We keep hearing the expression from kindergarten or even early, “Save the Earth” where in fact is saving us. Earth can save herself, and we are not as important as we think. We may try to destroy the earth, but at some point, we will realize that we are just the lice on Earth’s head and when she will consider we went too far the head would be shaken and we, the insects will be gone.

In the next article, I will present a great conversation that I had under hypnosis with my hypnotist Andy about Earth’s consciousness.


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