We have to learn acceptance. We mentioned in a previous article, once we accept what we cannot change we become enlightened.

We have to realize that acceptance is working at different levels. Many of us are looking to accept things that are perceived as negative, but there is not only that. Acceptance has a wide range of vibrations. We must learn acceptance at all of these levels.

When we are offered help why can we accept? Many of us have built this concept of not needing any help, and that is another level of acceptance we have to learn.

Today in the morning I saw an old lady standing in pain at the subway. Most of us we didn’t even bother to notice her because we must go fast to work, but few minutes wouldn’t hurt anyone to spend trying to help. I stopped, and I asked her if she needs any help. She was definitely in pain, suffering but then she said everything is fine. I insisted one more time, but again she refused to interact and accept my offering. Why would she want help? That is the mentality that is pushed on us through many channels. We are all by ourselves. Others do not matter and that I could see from both direction in this case. People wouldn’t care about the old lady, and the lady wouldn’t want help. We see this over and over on a daily basis. We have to come to this understanding that we are all one. It is hurting us to see someone hurt, because that someone is also us.

We are built this way. If we see a terrible car accident, for example, we are in shock, or if you see someone bleeding, or suffering in any way. And again that is because we are in all of this together. There is no separation, but the one we want to create and this separation is not helping but hurting us all.