How can we stop being a taker?

We live on Earth, a 3D dimension that always provides us with anything we need: food, shelter, natural beauty, so we have been used to be the takers. Since God has always been a provider and we are His creation, we have to do what He does. We may think we are poor, but we still have something to offer. Only if we do not want to give, we create this stories. I am so miserable, and I have nothing to offer. If we starting to deliver and provide we will be in harmony with the Universe. We will realize that once we are able to give we have abundance. We have anything that we need and even more. That is wealth. We have been tricked to believe abundance is money, but that is only one minor tool in this world, a tool that corrupted us and deviated us from our path.

We have to keep in mind that people most of the time do not expect money or illusory things, but spiritual and mental help. We always can help and show compassion, we can offer physical and emotional support. How can we do it? It is easy. We have to put ourselves in the shoes of others. Just like when we are watching a movie. The reason we laugh, cry or being happy or excited is that behind the scene we see ourselves in that film. We are all the actors in one. We are all one.

Have we ever offer help to someone in need? Do we remember the feeling after help was given? Yes, it is a great feeling of fulfillment and inner-happiness seeing others happy because of our doings. It is something that reminds us of God and that we can act like Him. We can become the givers and when many of us will follow this path the avalanche effect will take place, and we will be arriving at our final destination. We will jump to the next level in the game of spiritual life.