Start being a baby

So many times we use the expression: “Stop being a baby.” And why is that? In our grown-up mentality, being a baby is not good because babies are needy, they cry, and they take everything as it is, they cannot do what an adult can. But can we do what a baby can? We lost our innocence; we lost our purity and the good way of life that initially we brought with us. In fact, we are becoming needy. We need more things to satisfy our giddiness. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “How come in the first nine months of your life, from the moment of your conception, everything is being handled for you, you just surrender, and why wouldn’t be handled for the rest of your journey?” Everything we need is there; we just have to allow it to manifest.

We learn fast that we deserve more than others and we are better than others. We learn judging and conditional love. We stop helping without having any advantage out of it. Many times we are asking: What’s in it for me? Next time when we are about to ask that question, have the answer prepared: fulfillment and inner-happiness or as someone said once “A Personal Journal of Recovery… and Hope”.

Yes, our bodies are stronger but that is a huge disadvantage after all because we judge ourselves based on our muscles. That is how all the war and atrocities happened. We had more muscles than others, or later we became smarter than others and started building tools for destruction, not for creation. After all said do we still believe that is bad being a baby?

As babies, we do not know that way. We love unconditionally, we give unconditionally and help without hesitation. If we are in trouble, our kids are always willing to help, but we dismissed them because they are kids. We shouldn’t do that. They are better teachers and helpers than we became. We have to embrace them and not judge and dismiss them. We must stop being ashamed to listen to our kids just because we are the adults and we know what to do. They are us; only their bodies are smaller.

What should we do then? We should start saying: “Start being a baby” and that will make us remember our origin. That will make a better version of us.