What is a mirage? It is an optical illusion caused, especially the appearance of a sheet of water in a desert or on a hot road caused by the refraction of light from the sky by heated air. And that is our life problem.

We see only deserted areas around us, we have been living in an illusory world. We are looking for a mirage and every time we think we found it, it is fading and appearing somewhere else. This creation is not ours though. It is a creation of others meant to be for obliterating our reality. We have made to believe that we cannot live without it and we became the guinea pig running after so-called happiness in life. We have done it so many times that it makes us believe it does not exist, or it is not for us in this life.

We cannot understand why those rich and famous people are not happy. They have everything in life.That is because our measurement of everything is not accurate. We are looking for money and fame and that is another mirage that supposedly brings happiness. Once in our life let’s close our “material” eyes and block all these illusory creations of others who have been infected with the virus of power and control. We will realize that we need nothing of that. All of it is only the ego talking and taking over.

I recently saw a movie called “Happy people.” All of them are very poor by our standards, but surprisingly they were extremely happy. Why is that? Because they have not been corrupted by our way of life. Their values in life are not material based, but spiritual. That is the thing all of us must remember, including famous rich people. If it is that simple why cannot we do it? Because we have to learn another lesson which I am preaching all over the chapters: the “let go” lesson. We have created all this addictions and attachments and now is time to let go. We must return to the true values in life, to love and God. With that understanding, we will become fulfilled, and it will be no more drama in our lives.