Is hypnosis real and if so how can it help people?

Questions and AnswersCategory: HypnosysIs hypnosis real and if so how can it help people?
thespiritualone Staff asked 5 years ago

Perceiving reality under hypnosis

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thespiritualone Staff answered 5 years ago

There is only one condition to receive hypnosis benefit: to believe in it. However, that is not needed if you go for a hypnosis session. I have had clients who did not think is true but they were curious. Many of them went deep into trance much fasters than expected. Some of them started to look into it with an open mind while others said it is only their imagination. The bottom line is that hypnosis can bring amazing benefits, from spiritual experience to health and getting rid of habits. The more we go into it, the more we understand that everything is related. Currently, I am taking an NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programme) course, and I must say it is a great complement or we may say a must learn to complement hypnosis. We must understand the subconscious mind to understand ourselves. When we do so a gate to infinite possibilities will open. And, please we must stop thinking about money or material world. That is becoming so not relevant that we do not even want to be part of it any longer. However, that is a different discussion altogether.
As a conclusion, the best way to understand the benefit of hypnosis is to schedule a session with a hypnotist. Since I practice and see the amazing results with QHHT I would strongly recommend one of those Past Life Regression sessions.
For more info you may look at Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by Dolores Cannon