Duality, a beauty concept

Every day we have to choose between good and evil, between right and wrong. At the end of the day, we would like to be positive on our actions. But what is right what is wrong? How do we define good or bad? The dualism is halting us and is raising us at the same time. Through duality, we can understand what is wrong with our own concept. Only with that, we can understand our nature. “He is a good man or woman,” someone says. That is our true nature: good. We take our own course of action based on our nature. We are light, we are consciousness, we are God. And that makes our nature of goodness. You can say “Dualism is a beauty concept here on earth”. In the 3D dimension is not just good but is necessary. If we are the light in the light you will never know what dark is. Once the light is removed you understand darkness. We have to be a spark into the night to show our true nature. And that is good. Through that, we can evolve to the next level coming closer to home.

However, this duality may bring doubt and incertitude into people’s heart. Many of us are questioning God or the existence of God. Why we have here on Earth so many atrocities, so many killed including children every day, so many starving people? Why we had ever encountered dictators, murderers in our history? Where is God, what is He doing allowing such things? God gave us free will, to choose between one or another. He created the duality for allowing us to grow, to enable us to make one decision or another. And yes, He will not interfere without our consent. We wanted freedom, we have freedom, not an individual one but at consciousness level. We have created Hitler, as we have called for Jesus the Christ consciousness. It is our play, and we can stop or continue the suffering. The only constraint is that we have an agreement. It cannot continue indefinitely. Once we go too far, we will have to be stopped. The reset button will be pressed, and we call that end of the world. Some of us will go to the next level of the game some will go back to the first level. It has happened so many times before and it will happen again. We are the ones to choose to evolve or go backward on the ladder.