Is death a new beginning?

Everything here, on earth, dies out. But that is not the end, it is just a transformation and nothing else. Is it then a new beginning? No, it is not, because a new beginning starts after an end. And there is no beginning and no end. It is just I am. I am here now, I am in the spirit world tomorrow, I am on another planet after tomorrow, I am a new being next week, but I am, and always will be because I am god creation, I am part of the infinity and beyond. The beginning and the end are just consequences of the illusion called time.

But what is death? It is really the end of suffering? I have compared life before with a computer game. The concept is simple. In a computer game we die, then we start again. We may have to start with multiple lives, and once that all are consumed we may choose to play again from the beginning, or if we are bored, we try a new game. Death is nothing but just the end of a game and is not “The End”. We play again and again until we finish all the levels. It should not be suffering in death because it is just the end of a game, nothing else. We cannot stop our feeling toward a loved one when his or her game is complete. And we do not have to. Emotions are part of the experience, and they enhance the human adventure. We cry, we laugh, we have compassion, sadness, sorrow, so many incredible opportunities to experience and understand. We have to acknowledge them since we have volunteered to come here. But we do not have to let them take over because that will end the experience. If someone is living in grief for so long, it will be like finishing his game early or giving up on that play. It will defeat the purpose. We have to experience and live the experience, that is the meaning of our arrival. If we fear death as being the end, we are already outside of the game, and the experience is compromised. Death is not the end is not the beginning, it is just a reset button.


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  1. There I no “WE” born or matter changing form. We have a soul and like you say that consciousness is not of this world.

    It is a separate journey and only we are in control of the Console of our Ships Journey.

    I don’t think we can be the Creator but live in creation and join our soul with the soul of the Universe, Creation, Creator. Otherwise we recycle and keep doing where we left of in becoming aware of GOD Consciousness (Cosmic Consciousness). Where we are beyond body and mind of the duality of cause and effect. The is the duality of nature and Nature’s God that is beyond all Vibration. None vibration of Bliss and Joy and no maintenance of body and mind and matter simply changing form.

  2. No if you kill yourself or are killed it does not kill the soul.

    You pick up where you left of in you journey to enlightenment.

    So suicide only perpetuates you back to the same struggle. No better prepared to face you struggles on the next cycle to Self-Realization.

    NO ON GETS OUT “energy cannot be created or destroyed” DEAD.

    We have been here since the beginning as Jesus Said:

    John 3:13 And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.

    Enjoy the trip it is yours alone and GOD the Cosmic Consciousness. Light, Joy and Bliss awaits your.

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