Are we the aliens?

Asking if we are the aliens may sound very strange. How can we be the alien? The answer resides in our actions. We do not live in harmony with Earth like any other beings on this beautiful planet. We dig into the Earth get out her guts and use them as combustible, we build inappropriate structures and pollute the Earth which is equivalent to sickened the Mother Earth. We fight and kill each other for an idea, for a religion or we enslave others for own egocentric reasons. We grow, kill and eat animals in an amount much more than needed. One after another we destroy the balance.  Looking from that perspective, we do not fit here, on Earth. We are more of the aliens than the legitimate inhabitants. This nonsense becomes our nightmares because we wanted the free will, and we have got it. The truth is we have to come back to our senses, to God and use the free will as a free tool of expression and creation, and not to destruction. In the long term, we can become the enlightened beings and protectors of Mother Earth, that is our purpose. That was the intention of God, that was the experiment of the free will. Even we believe it or not we have chosen to be part of this experiment, and in our frustration of doing a lousy job, we come back again and again, hoping we will fix what we managed to break. Ultimately we will fix it because there is no other possibility. We will reveal our true nature, the God’s nature after all and we will remember almost like a dream when we have been aliens on our planet. We may call it the dream of evolution, but also we may call it the nightmare of destruction. Any of those available choices may already have happened here or on some other planet, but since we live in the present here on Earth, we must focus our energy on how we want our children to live. Moreover, none of us will want to pass a dead world to the future generations, so, we must choose the power of creation, same as God chooses to let us into this existence.