The choice

Every single day we have the possibility of choosing. We choose more than we can imagine without even consciously thinking about it. What if we become conscious? What if we live the moment of that choice that we make? When we are aware of that choice, we experience enlightening. It is more to that because the choice of being aware is coming with the primordial question. What choice should we make? Only asking that question we already solved so many problems, we have performed a mindful action and not an egocentric one. Could we choose happiness? Could we choose peace? Could we choose love? It is so easy to choose; it is our option, our living. We can live the heaven, or we can live the hell, as we know it we can live in love, or we can live in fear. Now let’s imagine that all of us will become conscious. Do we ever think that someone would choose anything less than bliss? When we all or the majority of us become aware of the choice, that will change the game of life from doom to a peaceful existence.
Why is so difficult to choose the alternative that brings happiness? We have been deceived. We believe something that is being told by others, by a small group who lost their ways. They are still us, but they refuse to see it that way. Moreover, we believed it because it has been repeated for so many generations. Now we have the chance to reconsider it, and some of us do, but then we are marginalized and rejected. Now we need proof, and even if we have it, it is not proof enough. There is one thing that cannot be rejected indefinitely, and that is God, the source of our creation, it is our origins. Once we accept it, there will be no more lies, no more deceiving and that is The Choice.