Happy for no reason

Being happy for no reason is the definition of happiness. How to achieve happiness? The first step is to ask ourselves that question. The second phase is to look for happiness inside and not outside of our being. For that, we have to make the shift, the awakening through learning lessons. We are repeating this again and again but is never too much. We have to learn forgiveness, acceptance, compassion through love, the primordial feeling. All these lessons will bring peace and happiness to ourselves. When we want to learn all these lessons, we must remove our egos which is the most challenging part of all because ego will tell us that it cannot go. Letting go of the ego is a process that is happening when we stop fighting it. Through meditation, we let go of our thoughts, and that is the way. Ego loves all the thinking and interpolation of our thinking to the extent that we bring lies into our minds and we believe them. When we learn to let go, we let go of the ego. We become the universe and not the center of the universe as ego tells us.
How about other people? Can we be happy even surrounded by unhappy people? We can be happy because true happiness is within us. That may sound selfish but is far from it.
We can be happy today that we bought a new pair of shoes and be unhappy tomorrow that the shoes got dirty. We may be happy today when our partners told us “I love you” and unhappy tomorrow when they said, “I hate you”.
So, it is no way in the world I can always be happy. In the world, yes, we said it, because the world does not give us supreme happiness. The only real state of happiness is happening when we look inside ourselves. We hear so many people talking about inner peace, inner self but we refuse to get to the true meaning of that. Once we achieve inner peace, we come to a profound realization that we should not be affected by the surrounding, including events, people, things. It is not like we become insensitive, but we let go. Do an introspection and find the way to our inner core, find the answer to “who we are”. Once we get there, we become free of unhappiness; we become free.


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  1. Well said. As I practice seeing, being the Astro Star. I panicked even as the Glow and vibration was wrought with GOD Consciousness. Struggling with a new born and family. I backed off that intensity to the struggles of happiness, living in the matter world would/could be met.

    In some way I still have that struggle. Over time I know that struggle was but a delusion of passing from this world consciousness to the next Cosmic Consciousness.

    So today. I have yet to totally let go of the matter world although I have few want’s, desires, emotions and sense pleasure. That cannot be solve here on earth. No motivation to fix the world or leave behind my stumbling block to others. Still struggling with POP I am gone into just a Spiritual World of Light, Joy and Bliss. Like an everlasting orgasm that does not end. .

    That is the way for me. With no veil I am but the biggest EGO in others eyes. Sharing, but not being shared with. Such is the journey of a Spirit of not of this world. I can only say My Cross is not as heavy as dragging a wooden cross beaten till there is no blood to be spent, nailed and forgotten. He died that we may live.

    Deny himself, pick up his cross and follow me. Does not fix others who must walk alone. It not for me, but for they I cannot do for them. To not leave them is not something I cannot do. So why do I fret so.

    The Veil is not for me at all. But that I hide the light that I SEE from those that might not be ready to see it within. Yet, knowing that they cannot find that in me. And here it is so disturbing and there nothing to be disturb. .

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