False Gods

Since ancient times we heard the term “False God” which has been attributed to a deity or an object that it has been worship but did not have the characteristics, or it was believed to not be a true God. The name of the false Gods has been described as “any Gods other than Lord Himself.” From religion to religion we acknowledge the worship of many Gods. In Greek mythology, we have Zeus the God of the sky, Ares the God of war, Athena the Goddes of wisdom and many more. In Hinduism religion, we have Shiva the God of creation and destruction, Krishna the God of compassion and love and so on. Egyptians were also found of many Gods, Isis, Eye of Ra, Nephthys and the list can continue. As at that time people were worshiping those Gods, now they are being considered by many false Gods.

Stepping away from the ancient time, let’s take a look at our current time and society. Do we have false Gods? Besides the friction in between religions, we do not go far away from the pattern. We started worshiping many things as Gods. The most prominent one is money. We worship money and talk about money more than anything else. We have Wall Street Journal, we have finance TV channels, and when someone has more money than us, we tent to worship that guy too. Money is the worst false God ever created. However, unfortunately, is not the only one. Another one is possession. We want to have the latest gadget on the market, the biggest house, the most expensive car and if we get it, we do not spare any of our egos to show it off.

The other day I meat with some colleagues and three of them were very proud to tell me they got the latest iPhone version ten. They were so pleased that I could not help but ask them why did they buy it? Initially, they were trying to convince me that they need it, but later they said they want it. When I asked them why do they want it, they got irritated. They said because they deserve the best of the best. I was just trying to make a point telling them that a phone is a phone after all and then I realized they worship that phone. They started arguing in the same manner the fanatics are arguing about their religion. It was so sad to see them enslaved by a phone, but I had to let it go because there was no logic whatsoever but angriness and a little bit of hate; it was fanatism. That was a great example of a false God. The iPhone was their God.

We have been pushed to the limit to worship everything and everyone that is worth tremendous amount of money. We worship corporations, we worship actors, and we worship all possessions including land, boats, cars or anything that is promoted through media channels. We are made to believe we need those things and we agree to it. We are willing to work hard to be able to get that phone or that car or that house, where in fact we need so little.