How many did we help today?

When we help we create a pure energy from our hearts that gives us the feeling of happiness. Every single day of our lives we have the chance to help in so many ways, that we can do it without being conditioned; from keeping the door open for someone to enter to giving a dollar to a homeless. We should take a little of our precious time and ask ourselves: How many did we help today? Did we help people, did we help animals, did we water a plant or a tree? Alternatively, our actions are sending a wave of invisible energy into the universe. Imagine if every single one of us will carry that energy what we can achieve. We can create Heaven, right here on Earth.
It is easy to help and to help others will help ourselves to grow as a human being, as a spiritual being. Why is so hard for us to offer help? Many of us forgot to be what we came here to be. Loving each other will change our ways of helping others. Would not we help the ones we love? Moreover, as Jesus said would be no reward for loving the one who loves us. Let’s try to love and help someone unconditionally, and we will have the feeling of fulfillment because that is our purpose. When we work toward our purpose, we will work toward enlightenment. It is as simple as that. We only have to remember, and we will return to our origins of pure enlightened beings. We must realize sooner than later than everything we do it is our choice in life, and that choice will move us forward, backward or it will not move us at all. We are here to progress, to upgrade ourselves to a new level of consciousness and helping other is nothing but part of that. Sometimes helping others will bring us a little physical discomfort but that is not important in this grand schema of existence.