Body as a machine

Our bodies are the most sophisticated machines that we know of. What is the role of those machines? Humanoid bodies are the best tools of all regarding the experience that we can get from, as well as the energy being transmitted and manipulated in and out. Like any machine, if we want to keep it in good shape we have to take care of it. We cannot overuse it but we must make sure is not left to degrade in time without using it at all. It is a balance we must find for acquiring the best experience.
Body is one of the trinity responsible for the Earthly experience along with our true selves and our minds. However, we forget the concept, and we use our bodies as they are us. We want to be tall; we want to have muscles, we want to have the most beautiful body and so on. This idea is becoming so well implemented that ego is more than satisfied with it. We take selfies and post them to our egotistic satisfaction. We are being bombarded with all the commercials like “Do you want to have a beach body?” or “This is the body that you have dreamed of” and we forget that we are not the body, we have a body. We have to use the body and mind and not the other way around. Some of us use that against us when to sell all these body products convincing us we cannot live without them. Moreover, that is another method of enslavement, and we fall for it.
How was the body seen in other cultures?
Many of us are aware of the concept chakras, heard in eastern traditions which are energy centers, points of our bodies where different kind of energy frequencies can help us to balance ourselves and within the universe. We should use that knowledge, and we may be pleasantly surprised. Balancing the body and mind can let free the energy that we call the soul or our true selves. When that is happening, we will realize that our bodies are renting machines for the time we live here on Earth. They are not even ours, we have just used them for our time here. However, we have to take care of them if we want our experiences to be complete.