The “why”

At some point in life, without exception, we have many “whys” torturing us. “Why” is the question when we want to understand our nature and to understand God’s nature as well. “Why are so many tragedies?” “Why my father died?” “Why are the kids getting sick?”. The “why” can create an infinite number of question, unfathomable mysteries of an infinite universe. Moreover, when we thought we got it, we believed that we understood everything, another “why” jumps out. Why is that? A “why” to the “why.” We feel useless and tiny, and we crave to know all the answers. However we know the answers, but we refuse to understand. We see and hear of many disasters but instead of asking “why” we should focus on us. Did we cause those tragedies? Looking deeper into the rabbit hole we will realize that we are part of everything. Our actions create good or evil. We have to correct ourselves and with that many of the “whys” will go away. We could illuminate ourselves. However, we got the habit of blaming others for everything happening in our lives or the world, but our actions are to be blamed. We keep saying we didn’t do anything that caused so much harm, but indifference is part of our practices as well. Indifference sometimes can be worse than acting evil. We all allow those to play us, the ones who we blame to promote their agenda. At some point, we are even starting to blame God for everything that happened in the world, right or wrong, but we forget we wanted to have the freedom to choose, the free will. We want to be free, but then we don’t want that. We want God to control us and make everything right again. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of life and evolution? Would we be free then? Next time when another “why” pops up we should look at how did we cause that, and maybe we could fix it.