What is the source

The source is the place where we all came from and where we will always return. We may call divine light, God, or the true origins, but that is not relevant. We are a drop of energy wandering the universes until we decided is time to go back home.
Do we have to do that? Do we have to leave home? No, we do not, but we wanted to. We are excited to enjoy, see and experience more and more, like a traveler here on Earth. Do we ever want to stop seeing new places, meeting new people? Most likely not. We love to do so, and we are here on a life vacation. That was the actual intent, but the paradise on Earth has been hijacked by some of us and the vacation become more like a cheap business trip. Instead of enjoying the beauty of Earth we are preoccupied more and more with working a job because we have been convinced that is the way. We are born into am an artificial world where some of us are looking what should we buy and how we can get more entertainment because we became bored and others struggling for food and shelter. That is not the promised land, and we know it, but we became so lazy that we refused to think for ourselves. We let others think for us and drive our lives, but then we blame them.
When we left the source, we had a vacation plan. Let’s stick to it and enjoy this vacation. If we refuse to do so, it is no one to blame, but ourselves. We can be in vacation mood always just like when we go to work, but we know we will go on vacation next week. That time we forget about the harsh way of living, and we set our minds to a happy state. We can do that continuously, and we will be living the life as a vacation and not as a burden.