What is energy? If we ask physicists, mathematicians, professors or everyone else, they may give a different answer but still correct. Energy could be represented as motion; it could be thermal, or light. However, if we look deeper into every organism, every object is not that movement in every single cell, in every single atom? Energy is everything; we are energy, Earth is energy, Sun is energy along with the universe. Moreover, what is it? That is God, the source of all energies. The energy expands to everything including our thoughts or every consciousness visiting this dimension. The energy trace will never go away. That is the reason Jesus is always with us; his energy has never left. Same is valid for lower energies. We do not know why but we may feel uncomfortable in some places, in big cities perhaps because past or present energy could be harmful, affecting our beings.
Living in a big city can be very unpleasant since it is filled with much negative energy. Many of the people who are frustrated, angry, unhappy, even some of the buildings, project all this energy onto all of us as well. No wonder people take a vacation and go in the middle of nowhere because that place is not touched and is having its original state of great Earth. We would say a metropolitan area is upside down; it is not harmonizing with the energy of the planet, and yet, we choose to leave it and to pretend that is amazing. However, why is that? Because it is becoming a combination of addiction and attachment, without realizing is also a black hole sucking up energy out of all us.
What is this negative energy? It is nothing but the absence of the light energy, absence of God.