Understanding dimensions

We live in a three-dimensional world. Some may say that we live in four dimensions since time is considered to be part of it, but time is something created by man to help us deal with the succession of events. It should not be considered a dimension per se. However, for our understanding of different dimensions, that is not relevant. How can we understand a fifth dimension or even a higher one? Yes, it is hard, but we can understand it through regression. Sometimes we have to look down the stairs to understand how hard is to climb up. Let’s imagine there is a paper with an infinitesimal thickness but huge regarding size. That will be a two-dimensional world. On that paper, a flat being has its existence, and for that being, there is no other dimension but that. Now put us in perspective. We look down to that world, and we see it very clear. We see the limitations and the frustrations that all the livings in that dimension got to struggle with. To us, as a superior world dimension, it is so easy to understand and even fix their world. Well, looking at that, we can understand not a superior dimension but the awareness that the one from a fifth or higher dimension is having to look down to us. All those beings can see all our limitations the same way we were looking down to the two-dimensional world. It is not necessarily a feeling of superiority but a feeling of understanding. If we live our egos on the side for a second or two, we will see that understanding with the eyes of our minds we would not want to hurt or damage that world. Instead, we will want to help those beings to bring them up to our dimension. The higher we go on the dimensional knowledge, the wiser we become.