The Tree Of Knowledge

We have been provided with tools that help us in our journey. There are two kinds: physical and metaphysical. From those two categories, we have branches just like in a tree, growing with us while we walk in.

Let’s imagine that we are in a magical white room which is our space for life. This room has two doors. On one door we can read “Physical maintenance,” and on the other door we can see written “Spiritual maintenance.” At any point in life, we can travel to this magical room for maintenance and use any of the tools at our disposal. When we go through these doors, we enter a different room. For example, we enter the one that says “Physical maintenance.” The new room is a different color, let’s say yellow and new doors are emerging from this one.  There are two new doors. One says “Mind,” and the other says “Body.” If we are looking to fix a body problem, we enter the “Body maintenance” room. That is a different color, of course, this room is green. Everything is so well organized just as we said like a tree, growing from roots different branches holding other branches and ultimately the leafs. The leafs are the kitchen for our recipes, are the tools that we may need.

How about our door that says “Spiritual maintenance?” Some of us do not even bother to see what is behind, but others who are curious and enter that door, are suddenly becoming so happy that may never go back to the “White room” again. Moreover, why is that? That is because we have discovered in all of the spiritual room and branches, are some doors that communicate with the physical maintenance. For example, the “Spiritual room” which by the way is purple, we have one of the doors that says “Meditation.” When we enter that room, we could not help to notice that one of the doors is having different colors than others. Is more like yellowish and it says “Shortcut.” That door communicates with one of the higher levels of “Physical” branch. Is giving us health through balancing our body energy through some other ways than the “Medicine” which is one of the “Physical” branch rooms. We are being shown that physical and metaphysical are interconnected. It cannot be one without the other, at least here on this plane.

After all said do we see the tree of knowledge as a sin, as a wrong that we did not suppose to know? Far from it. The tree of knowledge is the key to our evolution; it is, after all, a gift from God.