How To Be Perfect

Within our society, we learn very fast what perfection is. It is obvious. We have seen it on TV; we read magazines, we see celebrities. Perfection is imposed on us more like a virus than an idea. She, on the cover of the magazine, is perfect: perfect body, perfect smile, perfect life. That is the definition of perfection that comes to us through the channels mentioned earlier. What do we do then? We want to be perfect too. We wish to become them, and we will give up anything for that. We realize, based on what we hear that we are far from perfect. We have to loose weight; we have to alter our bodies, implants become regular procedures, and for what? Everything that we hear about perfection is nothing but mind viruses implanted carefully one by one. How do we get rid of these ideas? We have tried and is extremely hard. No matter what we try, those ideas are still hunting us. We are looking at this all wrong. We do not have to remove thoughts from our minds because even if we can do so, more are going to be sent to us. What we have to do is to stop believing them. Yes, we see on TV that we must to reach to become happy, but if we reject the belief and not the idea, we would not be bothered any longer. Happiness is independent of the surrounding; it is a state of our being. Everything is connected. When we (re)discover and follow the path, we find love and with that everything falls into place. We start experiencing no more fear, no more implanted beliefs and no more imperfection. We realize that we are as perfect as we know we are. Our perceptions will change in our favor and words and thoughts of other people will not touch us any longer. We and everything around us are perfect. We only have to remember that, and only then we will realize that we live in a perfect world.