Why People Like Painful Stories?

Why are so many sad and painful news on TV, radio or in the newspaper? Even hurricane or regular weather news are exaggerated to achieve that evil goal. The producers are in for the money, most of the time and they realized that more profit comes from all the sadness in the world. Happy stories are not wanted as much. However, this approach is bringing unhappiness into our hearts. Still, we are eager to watch. That is because we are trying to treat our pain with more painful stories of others hoping that will make us happy. We are trying to tell ourselves that there in the world are people worst than us and that supposes to bring us happiness. It is not the case. Negative energy cannot produce positivism in our lives. What we do watching such stories, is nothing but aggravating our situations. We are becoming more depressed and attached to such news. We love every morning to turn on the TV or the radio hoping to hear extraordinary dramatic stories, plane crashes or war news. We must stop doing that. We must become wise and cut those channels. If that includes not watching TV at all, then be it. What we can confirm, is that will set us on the path to happiness. When less negative energy is bombarding us, our shields will be effective, and the positive energy within can finally surface and be embraced by any one of us.

However, we must remove all the accumulated pain during that process by finding the root and let go. Acceptance and forgiveness play the best role in our awakenings. These are positive energies derived from love. We can accept and forgive if we love, can’t we?

That is a secret that we must share at all time with everyone including people whom we consider are not our friends or family because we all deserve to know that we are at core happy beings. We all deserve happiness and love.