Is It Worth Our Time?

We are always racing the time. However, if we think correctly, what are we rushing against? It is an illusion. Was it worth our time? Time should be removed from this question. Was it worth it? That is the real question. Moreover, the answer is yes. Every experience we are having, it is happening with a purpose. We must look into it wisely and learn from negative or positive. What to do and what not. However, it is hard to discharge a term that is pushed in our lives from the day we were born. Time is the most intrusive word since everything we do is based on time. It is a point of reference that we always use, and that is the reason we cannot even imagine to decommission it.

How do we overcome the concept of being worth? We look at everything before getting into action and analyze it so meticulously making sure is worth the money, the time or anything else. We put ourselves into the same equation. “How much I am worth?” We use to think that if we have more money, we are better than others, we are worth more. We become a measure of what we have or not what we are. All these concepts are deceiving us from our purposes in life. We become slaves of false worthiness. We must remember that we are all worthy. There is a no more important person than other even we are made to believe so.