The Beauty of The World

God is providing us with twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week live show. The world around and inside us never stop during our engagement here on Earth. Watching a sunrise or a sunset, the waves of the oceans or just the wind blowing through the leaves of a tree, we become enlightened. What we have to do is just to be quiet and enjoy. Only contemplating this grandiose show, we cause ourselves inner-peace and inner-beauty because yes, God provided us inner-beauty as well. We are perfect beings who grow from inside to evolve to different dimensions. We are created to resonates with nature’s beauty, and that is what we must do. Living in big cities, in a conglomerate of the human-built world, without the joy of Mother Nature, we may bring our energy down to lower frequencies, and with that, we may experiment the feeling of unhappiness and tiredness at the body level. Then we ask the question? Why do we like to live in such brutal environment? What is shifting us from God’s perfection to a not imperfect world but a surrogate one? We may return to our origins and remember the Garden of Eden because that garden did not go anywhere, it is still here, but we like to keep our eyes closed. Moreover, in this state of sleepiness, we see the world through our eyelids as blurry and imperfect, and we see us as imperfect beings. That perception cost us so much. We are looking for a perfect world, for a perfect body, for an ideal human to share our life with and not surprisingly we cannot find what we are looking for. Having our eyes closed how could we see the beauty and all the perfection around us?