The Triple “A” of a Spiritual Life

When we remember the path that lies ahead of us, we are being confronted with what we may call the Triple-A of the spiritual life: awareness, acknowledgment, action.
It is no doubt that we must become aware of the path that we have to follow. The more aware we are, the better shortcuts we can find. How do we become aware, one can ask? Well, no one can make us aware or force awareness onto us. To become aware, we must achieve a level in our evolution, a level that will bring us willingness and confidence. We must be willing and have the courage to follow the spiritual path. Others may bully us, and that is why we need to strengthen our hearts. There is nothing to worry about because we are not alone in this journey. We have all the help of the masters or teachers, and we have the support of God. On the verge of the awakening, we are connecting with any of the masters who resonate with us. Could be Buddha, could be Jesus, could be Mother Theresa it does not matter. Our connection will become stronger every day, and we will learn how to be aware and more conscious of God. Our hearts will be filled with love, and we will suffer from what we may call an “Open Hearth.” We remember how was it when we were closed, and that is becoming part of the experience of the dual world. We knew one way, and now we experience the other. We stop being selfish or greedy and not by being afraid of God, but by loving God. That is the first “A” of the spiritual life. The second “A” comes from acknowledgment. Once we are aware, we start receiving answers. We transpire a better understanding, we receive wisdom and knowledge, and with that, we are ready to pursue the third “A” which is action. We must have the courage to take action, to become the messengers that God wants us to be. It is not easy but is not hard either.  Moreover, we must remember the message and put into motion. We return to origins and behave as a human being. We try to help, and we feel more love and compassion. Our words are sent out; we have an urge to do so, and we are thrilled.

From this point on we are ready. Ready for new levels of awareness, willing to communicate and surrender to God.