Indigo Children

We have many teachers here on Earth. Starting from masters, the Mother Earth, that teaches us countless ways of existence to plants, trees, and animals.

However, that is proven is not enough. It is looking that we need more voices to tell us to stop our madness. We have started to see children with special abilities, and they have been called Indigo Children, children who are believed to possess unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or skills. In reality, they do not need supernatural but natural. Children are becoming more and more our teachers if we let them teach. If we shut them down because we are physically stronger and we pretend to know better what is best for humanity, they will retreat in their minds, and their souls would not be allowed to manifest. However, if we believe in them, they will teach us amazing lessons. My father taught me to kill mice and flies because they are invading our homes. My daughter teaches me to love all the life, and if we want something to protect against mosquitoes, it should be repelling, not a killing device. She brings me so much of the God’s energy that makes me remember again and again that we are all one and we should stop destroying or destroy as less as possible. She teaches me to laugh and have fun, something that we adults forget it very often and to love with the heart, not through our logical thinking. Those children are teaching us to be not just good but great beings.

We must listen to them and unlearn the fact that parents are the authority. We, parents, are nothing but buddies to our children. They are our best friends. We have to teach them how to have a happy life in our society, but they show us the happiness.

Please watch this video that shows more of the Indigo Children. We may notice that the father is trying a little to make fun of his kid, but he cannot get away with it.



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