Indigo Children (2)

We have been talked in a previous article about Indigo Children. What we can notice about these children is that they possess an unquestionable ability to remember the truth of God. With their own words, they let us know that we can leave in peace and love and that is doable for any of us. There are no chosen ones; we are all chosen, we are all the children of God. We are waiting for miracles to happen to regain our abilities but when that miracle kicks in we do not believe it. Our children are those miracles. We must stop looking at God as a Wizard of Oz. God will not change the world but through us. If God will change the world without our help, that means we have failed, and we must believe that the change will happen. Well, we wait for that kind of miracle and do nothing, then it will happen. However, that change is more of a reset to a primary state, and we will have to start the game again. It is in our power to finish this level of the game and move on, but doing nothing will not help. We must change our ways, and everyone must start with his/herself.
Listen to this little girl we get so much wisdom that makes us understand what these children trying to do are. They are trying to avoid the reset. They remind us every day what is love and compassion and how can we live in harmony recreating the heaven on Earth.


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  1. LOL.. out of the mouths of babes.

    I do not disagree with the purpose of your well expressed statement.

    I do think GOD is creation and the creator is the living Light/Energy (Cosmic Consciousness state of absolute Cosmic Energy that never change from; the soul of the Universe, GOD). Reality that never changes form. The( Physical Material World Consciousness state of the (waking state of consciousness and the Dream State Sub Consciousness states of humans and all matter. Matter that is materialized energy that is constantly changing form) the expiencing and/happening, cause and effect of make as the delusion of humanity as something real. Not just a proving ground for the individual soul to become Cosmic Consciousness. Absolutely nothing in matter will Recreate itself into a new Universe of Light. It is the subset of GOD the creation of matter and light.

    That is existence., It continues in real-time,but the Absolute creations never changes, Light Energy is the Movie Projector and the projection that is Nature’s GOD. The plot is matter’s ever changing activity in Nature itself. The physical material world of temporary exististence in matter.

    One and All experiencing the plot and participating acton of the single movie reflection, Nature too serious. There is no Director of the Movie, except the direction of Creation as a vehicle that each must walk alone. No human can change either state (cosmic delusion or absolute creation). The experience and Ego (delusion) of the picture show.

    When Nature has a storm, it is not GOD killing these and not them. The storm happens an action and reaction of nature. We may survive or recycle in the Creation (fate or accident). But in our individual journey’s we have Free Will to choose our actin in matter and our awareness of the creation. The Light and the Dark.

    That is the “LOVE ONE ANOTHER which is Absolute Neutral energy. The least offensive in one’s individual temporary experience to maximixe the highest state of Cosmic Energy. No negative or positice reaction of Karma. The positive energy reaction to disolve negative energy in the absolute etenrity of our Cosmic Life and the Total reflection of the Universal Charge of all energy and light, GOD or Cosmic Consciousness.

    The child of the Universe expressing Love is the highest state not reacting to actions of individuals or nature. Except what it take to sustain the physsical materrial world existence and expand Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness non-material. Science is proving all is Immaterial and the material world is a delustion (Maya).

    So as we contact GOD in those physical storms self-created or created by nature and the multitude of energy of life’s Light and Darkness. There is communication of GOD. Not in human form, except in all matter form and light of energy. Universal Consciousness speaks in light. Not physical form, words. The Word Cosmic Intelligence. By our Free Will of creation we become children of the Universe, not interfereing in the physical material world and individual journey’s. We are the children and not the father.

    ark 14:7 For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.

    We choose (May) become the light, WORD. Or livin in the light or the darkness. That determines the physical and Light of our Karma the reflection of whatd we do. In the physical world to gain enlightement and the reflection of our soul’s current state of reflecting Light of pure joy, Karma or Righteiousness.

    Heaven’s (Spritual) Joy and Bliss of the Universe is our contribution to Cosmic Consciousness. Not matter achievement that simply change form.. This cause and effect in Matter of our matter action leads to Nirvana, Samadhi and Resurrection is the pure state of JOY and Bliss.

    “Let it Be”, Que Sera, Sera and “I am the Bubble, Make me the Sea”. A the real children return from that absolute JOY and Bliss are most connected to the source of all Joy and Bliss (creation) that Us stuck in the matter world on our Journey’s learning experience.

    John 3:13 And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.

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