The Universe Is Conscious

Today I intended to do grocery shopping, and I was planning to stop to Starbucks to buy myself a hot chocolate. On my way, there I saw two cute girls selling hot chocolate on the street. I can say that is very unusual for New York City. It was pretty chilly outside and since I was about to buy a hot chocolate any way I wouldn’t mind to help the girls out but then I realized that I had no cash. I felt sorry but was not too much I could do. However, when I arrived at Starbucks, I was surprised to see the store was closed. Unlikely for a New York coffee shop but that was it. I did my grocery shopping, and when I looked for my card to pay, I found one dollar in my pocket. If I had checked, I would have bought that hot chocolate. I thought that on my way back I would buy it anyway from those girls, but they were gone. At that moment I have realized once again that the Universe, God, is arranging everything for us. In my case, I wanted a hot chocolate, and with what we can call coincidences, the hot chocolate was there for me. I just missed by one dollar I would say, but that was not important, especially I had it in my pocket. Every day we ask, and we are served. That is God. The more we connect and interact with the universe through the power of meditation, thoughts, and prayers the more we come to achieve our goals. How many times pieces have been put together for us, and we have refused to see it? We call everything coincidences but what are those coincidences? We live in a perfect program called life, and while we cannot solve the equation of our existence, we come to realize that this program does what it is supposed to do. All the “ifs” in our lives, the big “ifs” or the little “ifs” are there for us we just have to acknowledge them. It is said in the Bible as well: “Ask, and you shall receive.” The Universe is already here for us. Its energy is always in sync with ours, and we only have to interact with it. Our wishes are God’s commands, with one condition. We must work with God and not against Him. Since God is a servant, we must serve as well. While I was willing to help people as God does, She brought those two girls to serve me. We may say God is working in mysterious ways, but one thing is for sure. His ways must be our ways as well. We are Her, and She is us. We are meant to be like Him because we came from Him. His energy is the base of our souls, and our consciousness is His consciousness.
As a note, we have to alternate “She” and “He” when talking about God because God is nor Her or She and at the same time God is “He” and “She.”